SK1550 Mini Skid Steer

The Most Powerful In Our Lineup. The Most Productive In Yours.

The most powerful mini skid steer in our lineup, the Ditch Witch SK1550 delivers more muscle to a wide range of jobs like tree handling and sod transfer. The construction-grade SK1550 does what other machines can’t, quickly and effectively. Powered by a 44-hp (32.8-kW) Tier 4, Yanmar® engine with an incredible 1,558-lb (706.7-kg) operating capacity, this machine brings the brawn and productivity to every jobsite. The SK1550 is an all-around powerhouse, minimizing your downtime and increasing your ROI, making it the ultimate member of any crew.


Powered by a 44-hp (32.8 kW) Tier 4 Yanmar® turbo-charged diesel engine, the machine is equipped to handle tasks typically suited for traditional skid-steer loaders. 

Directs 34.5 hp (25.7 kW) to the attachment for efficient and productive use of high-capacity attachments.

Auxiliary flow control with low, medium and high flow settings allows operators to make adjustments to attachment flow and run attachments at their most efficient rate.


Best-in-class 1,558-lb (707-kg) rated operating capacity for lifting heavier loads.

Exceptional 9-inch (230-mm) ground clearance for improved productivity on challenging terrain.

More than 50 percent higher capacity than all other mini skid steers in its size class

The SK1550 is equipped with a 94-inch (2.4-m) hinge-pin height which provides flexible loading and unloading for a wide range of dump sites.

The machine is capable of 4.7-mph (7.6-km/h) ground drive speed both forward and in reverse, improving jobsite cycle times.

Rugged Design

Durable build and innovative design provides the industry’s smoothest ride, plus unrivaled maneuverability and stability when carrying heavy loads.​

With 3,700 psi and maximum 16 gpm, the SK1550 directs substantial pressure to the attachment, increasing machine versatility.​

Dual auxiliary connections allow operators the ability to utilize advanced attachments for enhanced productivity when handling heavier loads, including logs, trees and sod.

Includes front and back LED lights for increased safety during nighttime and low-light jobs.

High-capacity attachments designed specifically for the SK1550, including a new trencher and vibratory plow, leverage high flow capabilities to improve jobsite versatility and productivity.

Auto-throttle matches engine speed to load demand providing greater fuel efficiency.

Simplified Maintenance

No daily maintenance or daily grease zerks for reduced cost of ownership and easy upkeep. 

​Equipped with front and back LED lights, the machine allows operation at night or in low-light conditions increasing jobsite safety.


The construction-grade, durable design is made for heavy-duty jobs, leading to extended machine life and increasing overall ROI.

Unique open track design gives the SK1550 fewer obstructions allowing debris to escape track system.

Available with the Orange Intel™ Fleet Management System, equipment owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance with critical insights to help increase business efficiency and profitability.

Operator's Station

Designed specifically for landscape, irrigation and tree-handling jobs, the SK1550 is equipped with a best-in-class, 332-in2 (843-cm2) operator platform for improved comfort and stability during long hours on the job.

LCD display screen provides direct visibility and real-time intel into all engine diagnostics.

Ergonomic operator's station comes standard with dual-lever ground drive controls allowing the operator to control each track independently for precise mobility.

The open, standing operator station provides excellent visibility to all machine functions and the jobsite and reduces operator fatigue with improved ease of access over traditional skid steer loaders.

Equipped with an auxiliary detent switch, which frees the operator’s hands and feet for improved comfort during long hours on a job.