SK3000 Skid Steer

Uncage The Beast.

Leave the cage behind and trade it for unrivaled performance with the Ditch Witch SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer—a machine unlike any other. It brings true stand-on visibility to the full-size skid steer class with its easy-on, easy-off platform that allows operators to work freely. And with 59-horsepower and a lift capacity of 3,100 pounds, the unit brings brute strength to construction-grade jobs, with a lighter weight than traditional skid steers for easier transport and maneuverability. Uncage your productivity and upgrade to the SK3000.

SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
SK3000 Stand-On Skid Steer
Market-Leading Power

The SK3000 is powered by a 59-hp (44 kW) Yanmar® turbo-charged diesel engine, making it the most powerful stand-on skid steer in its class, capable of handling wide range of hardscape, landscape and tree care projects typically suited for full-size skid steers and compact track loaders.

The machine provides an operating capacity of 3,100 lbs (1,406 kg) – 50 percent more than its closest stand-on compact track loader competitor – to accommodate larger loads and a higher volume of material.

The SK3000 delivers 5,500 lbs (2,495 kg) of breakout force, offering optimal power when operators need to lift and move heavy loads with a bucket.

At 7,600 lbs (3,447 kg), the machine weighs much less than comparable full-size skid steers. This gives operators the power required for a variety of jobs in a smaller package, improving maneuverability.

Putting power where it’s needed most, the unit directs up to 51 hp to the attachment – more than any other machine in its class – for efficient and productive use of hydraulic attachments.

A new, patent-pending Smart Throttle™ feature is combined with an operator presence function and quickly matches engine speed to load demand, providing greater fuel efficiency and productivity.

Unbeatable Productivity

Equipped with patent-pending features, the integrated hydraulic system controls gives operators the ability to control all machine functions concurrently, allowing for more intuitive and efficient operation. 

An advanced hydraulic system with an 8-, 14-, and 22-gpm flow setting – a Ditch Witch exclusive – offers added attachment versatility, allowing operators to select the right flow for each job.

Featuring a 118-inch hinge-pin height at full-rated capacity, the SK3000 can dump into a standard dump truck.

The machine can travel up to 5.8 mph in forward and reverse for increased cycle times.

Hydraulic-operated attachment pins help reduce overall effort when swapping attachments. Additionally, operators no longer need to get off the machine to swap non-powered attachments, saving significant time and improving productivity.

Superior Comfort

Designed based on direct customer feedback, the SK3000 features a best-in-class 332-in2 (2141-cm2) operator platform for superior comfort and stability during long hours on the job.

The open, standing operator station provides full 360-degree visibility to all surroundings.

An easy-on, easy-off operator platform, with integrated suspension, enhances operator comfort and reduces the risks associated with climbing over an attachment to access the cab.

With optional automatic ride control, the machine provides a smooth, comfortable ride with outstanding maneuverability and stability – even when transporting heavy loads across rough terrain.

The ergonomic operator’s station comes standard with dual-lever ground drive controls or an optional single-lever joystick, allowing the operator to control each track independently for precise mobility on a variety of jobsites.

Advanced Technology

A class-leading, five-inch full-color LCD display provides direct visibility and insight into all engine diagnostics.

With passcode protected keyless ignition, owners and operators can have full control of who has access to the machine, improving security and theft defense.

Four LED work lights on the front and rear of the machine offer increased visibility during night or low-light conditions.

Three USB ports allow for convenient software updates and provide easy access to charge electronics.

An optional dual self-leveling kit helps keep loads level as they are raised and lowered using forks or other attachments.  

Available with the Orange Intel™ Fleet Management System, equipment owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance with critical insights to help increase business efficiency and profitability.

Durable Design, Simplified Maintenance

The construction-grade, durable design is made for heavy-duty jobs, leading to extended machine life and increasing overall ROI.

With no daily maintenance and no daily grease zerks, maintenance is simplified, and total cost of ownership reduced.

As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the SK3000 is backed by a worldwide network of dealerships you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealership is your trusted partner.

Superior Customer Support

Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.

Contact your local dealer for up-to-date information, business hours and what we’re doing to keep our employees—and our customers—safe. We're In This Together.
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