JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill

Bigger Thinking Brought Down To Size.

The evolution of HDD continues with the Ditch Witch® JT24 directional drill, offering the biggest bang for your buck—both in power and stability. Best suited for urban and residential utility, gas and fiber jobs, it provides 3,000 ft-lbs of toque and 24,000 lbs of thrust and pullback while maintaining a small footprint. Promoting a wider frame, the JT24 can confidently traverse uneven terrain and city curbs, offering best-in-class stability.

JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
JT24 Horizontal Directional Drill
Best-In-Class Power

Equipped with a 101-gross-hp, Tier 4- and European Stage 5-compliant Cummins® diesel engine, the JT24 provides unbeatable power and best-in-class versatility.

The machine is designed with an innovative single-motor system, a Ditch Witch exclusive, that require no rotation planetary and is capable of producing 3,000 ft-lbs of torque for greater efficiency and uptime.

The JT24 utilizes dual thrust motors to provide 24,000 lbs of thrust and pullback, while still maintaining a small footprint, for outstanding performance on a wide range of urban and residential gas, fiber and other utility installations.

The new hydraulic platform utilizes leading technology to maximize drilling efficiency and conserve horsepower for where it matters most—downhole.

Enhanced Productivity

The machine is equipped with a maximum carriage speed of 216 fpm, which is five percent faster than competitive units. This feature decreases cycle times and increases uptime and jobsite productivity, so you can get more done.

The JT24 holds up to 400 feet of drill pipe onboard, allowing for longer bores on one job, reduced cycle times and increased return on investment.

Equipped with a 40-gpm, 1,200-psi mud pump, the JT24 has increased fluid course from the mud pump to the swivel for more downhole flow capabilities, including air hammer applications.

Driven by direct customer input, the machine includes a reversible pipe box for added jobsite versatility.

Patent-pending open-sided vise wrenches on the JT24 are rotated toward the operator, enhancing visibility of the breakout process and allowing operators to see the onboard display at the same time.

The JT24 features a unique add-a-pipe design, which allows operators to manually insert additional sticks of drill pipe, improving overall productivity.

Advanced Wireless Ground Drive and Setup Control

The JT24 offers an advanced wireless control, allowing you to set up the drill away from the operator’s station and includes options for single or dual-stick ground drive, allowing for more precise positioning of the drill.

Modern Design

Designed with a wider frame, the JT24 offers best-in-class stability, without compromising footprint. Operators can confidently maneuver in urban environments and traverse city curbs and uneven terrain.

A simple, field-proven pipe-loading system with a lower center of gravity than competitive units also ensures the JT24 remains stable across all terrains.

For improved performance, efficiency and productivity, advanced operator displays are optimized with the data operators need most.

Equipped with two seven-inch LED screens for better visibility into all machine functions, diagnostics and bore tracking information.

A real-time carriage-position indicator provides operators insight into the exact carriage position for increased productivity and intuitive operation.

The machine is equipped with radial operator control (ROC)—the multifunctional controller is highlighted on the machine display when activated for improved control efficiency.

Superior Customer Support

The JT24 is equipped with fold-out, lift-off service doors for easy access for machine maintenance and serviceability.

With no grease zerks, a Ditch Witch standard, and easy access to all service points in one spot, maintenance is simplified, and total cost of ownership is reduced.

Open wrenches rotated toward the operator provide easier access to jaw inserts.

An integrated pipe lubricator makes it easier for operators to change out lubrication buckets for more efficient machine maintenance.

The JT24 directional drill, drill pipe and downhole tooling are part of a complete horizontal directional drilling (HDD) system designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization to work together with unbeatable efficiency.

As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the JT24 is backed by a worldwide network of dealerships you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealership is your trusted partner.

Available with the Orange Intel™ Fleet Management System, equipment owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance with critical insights to help increase business efficiency and profitability.


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