JT100 Directional Drill

The Ideal Machine for Less-Than-Ideal Conditions.

The 268-hp (200-kW) JT100 is an incredibly powerful machine, but it's not power that makes it so productive—it's how the power is distributed. The JT100 is designed to deliver power where it's needed to complete the bore in the most efficient manner, without compromising power to other machine functions. There's plenty of power for an optional pipebox loader and onboard anchor system, too, which eliminate the need for additional equipment for pipeloading, anchoring, and other tasks and give the JT100 a unique ability: the power to reduce the size of the jobsite.

Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill
Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill

JT100's 260-hp (194-kW) Cummins® engine delivers raw power more efficiently to all machine functions so the installation can be completed faster. The 268-hp (200-kW) Tier 3 Duetz® engine is available in less regulated countries.

With 100,000 lb (445 kN) of pullback and 12,000 ft·lb (16270 N·m) of torque, the JT100 is the ideal HDD unit for long bores, such as river crossings, and installations of large-diameter pipe.

With its infinitely variable rotary drive, the JT100 is the only drill in its class that can truly match spindle speed and torque, enabling it to power through virtually any soil condition.


The exclusive Ditch Witch heavy-duty anchor system eliminates the need for large and expensive support equipment, reducing transportation costs, setup time, and jobsite size.

The JT100 is the only drill in its class that enables the transfer of drill pipe from one box to another—and add or remove the upper pipe box—without additional support equipment, so the pipe box is never empty.

Large-capacity, 230-gpm (870 l/min) fluid pump plus larger hoses and fittings help move fluid downhole faster, for greater productivity; special damping feature reduces the downhole shockloads associated with greater fluid flow.

Ditch Witch designs and manufactures the long-lasting Power Pipe® HD drill pipe compatible with the JT100. Ditch Witch drill pipe provides the most return on your investment—each piece is inspected and gauged to ensure quality and reliability bore after bore.

Innovative Design

Exclusive dual-pivot drill frame allows for steeper entry angles without raising the tracks off the ground, for outstanding machine stability and greater operator comfort.

Heavy-duty, double rack-and-pinion thrust drive is field-proven to push through the longest, toughest bores.

Exclusive coordinated makeup feature automatically adjusts carriage thrust speed when making up and breaking out drill pipe, minimizing wear on pipe threads and extending the life of the drill pipe.

Efficient hydraulic cooling system requires significantly less hydraulic fluid than competitors' models, reduces maintenance costs and keeps the engine operating efficiently throughout the workday.

Daily maintenance points can be easily accessed from one side of the machine resulting in more uptime each day.

Operator's Station

Fully enclosed tinted window cab features instrument panel gauges that are positioned for visibility and conveniently placed controls.

Excellent view of the tool joint when making up and breaking out pipe; open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the operator.

Full color LCD display provides easily to understand engine diagnostics and informational messages which allows operators to stay informed on machine performance.

New extreme comfort operator’s seat improves overall comfort for those long days on the jobsite.

Superior Customer Support

Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.

Available with the Orange Intel™ Fleet Management System, equipment owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance with critical insights to help increase business efficiency and profitability.

From the basics of HDD and vacs to the specifics of operating stand-on skid steers, trenchers and more, the Ditch Witch organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our Ditch Witch Certified Training programs.


We’ve made a wide variety of valuable safety information available in one convenient location. Ditch Witch Safe is dedicated to providing the resources you need to operate your equipment safely.

Contact your local dealer for up-to-date information, business hours and what we’re doing to keep our employees—and our customers—safe. We're In This Together.
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