Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drills are so named because they perform with exceptional efficiency in the widest range of ground formations, from mixed hard soil to cobble to solid rock. Equipped with the All Terrain Air Hammer, Ditch Witch All Terrain production is extended into the hardest rock category. More important, the All Terrain Air Hammer expands your productivity.

Ditch Witch All Terrain Air Hammer
All Terrain Air Hammer

All Terrain Air Hammer is designed to penetrate exceptionally hard rock of 20,000 psi (1379 bar) to 35,000 psi (2413 bar) and harder, where rotary units and mud motors lose effectiveness; Air Hammer is over 50 percent more productive in hard rock than rotary drilling.

All Terrain Air Hammer

Advanced technology enables the All Terrain Air Hammer to continuously drill as it is being steered, an exclusive All Terrain drill feature that results in superior productivity; other air hammers require stopping the drill rotation to change directions.

Peak performance is achieved when used with the Rockmaster™ Air Housing (included in All Terrain Air Hammer kit), which features larger air ports that help increase production.

Both the JT4020 All Terrain and JT100 All Terrain have standard cruise control that maintains thrust and rotation settings, which reduces operator effort and increases productivity.

Minimal cost of spoils cleanup: used properly, the All Terrain Air Hammer leaves only dry cuttings and a relatively small amount of foam used downhole to remove cuttings.

A very low flow rate—4 gpm (15 l/min)—means low fluid costs; a patented hydro cyclone features an impeller (rotor blade) that reduces that amount of fluid in the Air Hammer and on the jobsite.

All Terrain Air Hammer
Innovative Design

Compatible with the Ditch Witch JT4020 All Terrain, JT60 All Terrain and JT100 All Terrain directional drills, the All Terrain Air Hammer quickly and cost-effectively cuts through the hardest rock.

Unlike other air hammers on the market, the All Terrain Air Hammer requires no oiler or drilling mud, which reduces overall cost of production.

All Terrain Air Hammer is lubricated by water and able to work in even the most sensitive environmental areas.

Complete kit includes the All Terrain Air Hammer; convex bit, bit jaw and jaw assembly; two slide pins; Rockmaster Air Housing; and a fluid pump and air adapter kit.

All Terrain Air Hammer
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