Supply Chain Transparency Declaration

Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, contintually seeks to advance three guiding principles - customer satisfaction, respect for the individual and sustainable growth. These three principles are always in with one never being favored at the expense of the others. The "individuals" we commit to respect all individuals: our end use customers, our dealer partners, our current and potential team members, and current and potential team members within our supply base.
We feel it only appropriate, an unfortunately necessary, for the Ditch Witch Organization to publically acknowledge the global problems of slavery and human trafficking. Further, in light of our commitment to respect for the individual, we are product to declare that our products will never benefit from such abhorrent practices.

To this end, Charles Machine Works and the Ditch Witch Organization commit to the following:

  • We expect that our supply chain share our commitment to prevent slavery and human trafficking. We will expect each supplier to attest to this commitment. This expectation will become part of our contractual relationship with our supply chain by including this expectation in the next generation of our standard terms and conditions which are expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2015.
  • We are developing practices to audit our supply chain for risks of human trafficking and slavery. The procedure for these audits will be complete and implemented by the end of 2015. The audits may be performed supplier site visit, supplier self-assessment (which may consist of their declaration of efforts to prevent slavery and human trafficking), or an independent third-party audit and assessment.
  • We fully expect the Ditch Witch Organization to comply with human trafficking laws wherever we do business, but we have this expectation of our suppliers as well. To that end, we are requiring all suppliers to provide a certification indicating that all materials supplied for inclusion in Ditch Witch products comply with the slavery and human trafficking laws of the countries in which they do business.
  • We are developing policies to address corrective actions in the event that either a Ditch Witch team member or supplier have been determined to be operating in violation of these expectations. Team member remedies may include disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Supplier remedies may include actions up to and including de-certification of the supplier and termination of business relationships.
  • As part of the roll-out of Charles Machine Works/Ditch Witch policies and practices regarding slavery and human trafficking, we will conduct initial training and recurring training for all team members involved in managing any portion of our supply chain in the specific expectations, both internally and externally, and with an emphasis on mitigating risk throughout the supply chain.